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dean....I love him more than I love my dogs
dean is awesome
he is the wonder child
he looks like he is just over 5
when he is just over two

he loves to talk
he loves to play
he goes through rotations of favorite activities
Play Doh is a new favorite
the bicycle has yet to catch....but it is on his mind

he loves to run and be chased
he is very good at staying on the trail when we hike
but his love for being chased can change that
he runs towards danger just to see me FREAK OUT

he loves tools and prefers to work on his bike than to ride it

swimming is his main sport
but the season for that activity is behind us
although he is only two he is a natural swimmer
he wears a life jacket and maneuvers about the pool on his own
gets himself out and runs (but walks when we command such) to the diving board and jumps off
he can do this 10-20 times
no exaggeration
no parental boasting
just fact
it is funny, he is in control....he knows what he is doing...he loves
to be in the water, he loves to jump in the water
he loves to have me throw him into the water
his lack of fear scares me
and he loves to be out of control
he can not get enough of being thrown in the sky
but weighing in at nearly 40 pounds I get enough after little time

the ocean
he loves that too
with the life jacket on...he swims around on his own
rides the small waves
totally conscious of the world around him
and the potential for life around him
shells, starfish, fish, and dolphins all entertain him as he swims
(always aware of "the shark in the ocean, yet not afraid")
he shouts out to the birds and the moon


dean and rowan fought vigorously over the glow stick
the both lost as they bonked heads


Dean Dean Jelly Bean
the most handsome man I have ever seen

dean oscar's the name....
hanging with my mom is my favorite game

I would type this for you
but I am only two

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